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Members List
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name: Max
car: 1952 oldsmobile rocket 88
name: Jerry
car: 1955 chevy pickup
name: Leslie
car: 1955 cadillac fleetwood
name: John
car: 1955 buick roadmaster
name: Geoff
car: 1948 oldsmobile
name: Mikey
car: 1959 chevy impala
name: Paul
car: 1957 lincoln premier
name: Rickey Lee
car: 1954 chevy delivery
name: Kurt
car: 1948 cadillac
name: Misa and Suehiro Sugiyama
car: 1950 shoebox ford
name: Wada and Yoko
car: 1949 oldsmobile rocket 88
name: Nick
car: 1941 chevy roadster